Wickham’s Wife

In a divergence from my usual posts about other writers and their novels, I thought I would introduce my new novel instead! Wickham’s Wife: A Backstory to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is now published. The cover image is taken from a 19th century playing card, and, considering the protagonist of the novel, seemed a most fitting background.
I am quite pleased with this story and hope readers will enjoy it also. Wickham’s Wife goes into the colorful back-story of that gentleman; his past, his secrets and his motivations are not quite what readers of Pride and Prejudice might have imagined! It covers more territory and time than Prudence and Practicality did, following Wickham from Cambridge to London to Ramsgate, back to London, and thence to Meryton, Brighton and back to London. We all know the hints given by Darcy in the original story with regards to Wickham’s past, but in this novel I hope to have filled out his character and presented him in a slightly different light than has previously been shone on him. After all, even Darcy couldn’t know exactly what his life was; even he admits to losing contact with him for over three years!
It has been great fun imagining how Wickham’s life unfolded between him refusing the living at Pemberley and his meeting with Darcy on the Meryton street, and has involved many hours of reading and research about the Regency lifestyle in London, Ramsgate and Brighton; particularly that of the Regency Dandy. Hopefully, I have managed to capture the essence of the time period as well as of the man.
Naturally, I bow to the imagination of the great lady herself whose vivid writing brought these ideas for her characters to light and upon which I depend for my inspiration. I often wonder what Austen would think if she knew just how much pleasure her writing has given to so many people, and just how much inspiration she has given to writers like me! I hope she would be pleased, or amused at least.
Wickham’s Wife is now available for download at Smashwords and at the e-bookstores Smashwords supplies: Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes amongst others, and on Amazon.
Go to any of those sites and enjoy the free sample of Wickham’s Wife. Happy reading everyone.


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