C.J.Hill, originally from England, now lives with her husband in New Zealand and is the mother of three adult children. She has spent many years teaching high school English in California and New Zealand, doing her utmost to transfer her love of literature to both reluctant and willing students over the years – hopefully, some of them are still reading with enthusiasm. When not teaching or writing, she can be found walking the beach, pulling weeds, playing the piano or viola, and always, of course, reading everything.

C. J. is the author of Prudence and Practicality, her debut novel based on events and characters in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The minor characters of Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins are brought to the fore in this adaptation to answer several lingering questions about them from the original text. Her second novel, Wickham’s Wife, fills in the back-story of that gentleman; his successes and failures in life before he is introduced in Pride and Prejudice, and follows his side of that story.

Felicity in Marriage, novel #3, continues the story line of Pride and Prejudice and Wickham’s Wife, following the lives of the three Bennet sisters as they embark on married life. Some marriages are more felicitous than others.

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