Locket in Time


Locket in Time (released December 2016) is my imaginings of how being suddenly transported into the Regency era would affect not only the modern time-traveler, but also those she interacts with. Sometimes, the grass isn’t always greener in other lives and times!

Here’s the back cover blurb:

Jas is more than a little disappointed with her partner, her job, and life in general. Her only comfort and escape comes from the writings of Jane Austen – along with the occasional glass of wine – and she is convinced her life would be much happier if she were living in that era of grand manors, amusing assemblies and wealthy, passionate men.

When an accidental and startling purchase suddenly transports her into the lives of several Regency inhabitants, impressing a handsome stranger with ten thousand a year is not Jas’ greatest challenge. Those romantic notions she has dreamt of for so long are severely tested during her amusing but often complicated experiences.

Follow this modernday Regency heroine on a journey which eventually forces her to make a choice which will affect not only her own future but also of those whose lives she has intruded upon. Her interference has already created a preference for their Jas-induced circumstances, so is it too late to redirect them back onto their original path?

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